Help making a click to auto-attack combat system?

I haven’t really done anything like this before, I been mainly modeling and animating stuff for the last few weeks.

The Idea:
So, I am trying to make a simple combat system for a top down style game where the player clicks a enemy, moves in range of them, and starts auto attacking. So every 4 seconds let’s say, a animation plays and damage is dealt.

Now I stumbled across the Apply Damage function and trying to set up a combat system. I am not sure how to structure everything. (This may get confusing, please bear with me)… I might be overthinking this but would I need to make a blueprint such as InteractiveObject , with a child such as biped. Then children for biped would be Player and Enemy. And then children of enemy would be Enemy_Guard, Enemy_Goblin, etc…

InteractiveObject would hold logic for when right clicked, a popup menu would come up and show Attack, Examine, Use(If you select something in inventory to use on a object or enemy), Biped would hold the logic for battle system, Player would hold player data such as XP, Health, Stats, etc. Enemy would hold idk, then individual enemies would hold model, anims, xp, stats, etc.

Am I thinking in the right direction?

OK, so you can see what I mean in this chart. Where would I handle combat operations? In Biped?