[Help] Making a 2D Pinball

Hello, I’m making a pixel pinball with paper 2d and I’m having like two issues right now, the first one is, i don’t feel the ball, which in theory is “made out of metal”, should bounce that way, the weight is overwrite to .08 kg (80g which is the weight of a pinball ball), my other problem is the rotation in pitch, the actor has already the XY Plane enable, but is still rotation on Pitch, which looks ugly, how do I lock this rotation?



Last but not least, even if you have XZ Plane enable, is possible to play with the Y axis? This last one is more out of curiosity than everything else, like, if you can, via code, set Y in 10 and back to 0, I know it won’t look in an orthographic camera, but is for other stuff i have planned if is possible