[help] make a new structures from the old ones but can't place it

anyone can help me ?
im going to make a mod that modify structure that already in the game
i already follow the instruction from the post [howto add new structures variants]
and follow the video number on the FAQ

above is my screenshots of my modified structure
but when i test it, i can’t place the structure (when using the item there is nothing happen like no particles and no emitters or anything just like it’s empty)

hope somebody who already expert or someone that already fixing this problem can help me
thanks and sorry for my bad english

i had the exact same issue as you had the way i fixet it was by making the structure BP as a child and it can also probaly be becuase you had changed the consume primal item try change it back

i had maded a cnc machine that are maded as a child of the fabricator
spawn emiter is set to generic placement emiter
consume item is set to fabricator
set under additonal structure to place and additonal engrams

hey thanks for reply
i just tried your instruction
but still nothing happen
here is the SS


i wonder why it’s not going to show emitters at all, but when i just leave it with no changing anything in them (only name changes) it works

as i had did i maded the primal item structure as a child and duped the simple bed and only changed thoose that you can see on the pictures

as i had did i maded the primal item structure as a child and duped the simple bed and only changed thoose that you can see on the pictures

nothing work at all right now…
if i change anything including name it will not going to usable
it’s only work if i just copy primalitemstructure_bed_simple and simpleBed to my mod folder and then change the location consume item and set additional item to place in the primal BP…
i really confused why nothing going to work at all

I noticed in your picture you were trying to set the item on the ground, what flags are set for placement?

what “flag” you mean ?
i’m trying to make an Admin Only Simple Bed (a simple bed that only can be spawn/create via admin command, no engram, that can build in/near other/enemy structures) since i want to make a base for event in my server that already have a personal room for each tribute that already big in my server, so they can fight in my arena (fighting players vs alpha lvl 200++) :smiley:
thanks hog if you can help me :smiley:

Almost all items have placement flags that dictate what they can, can’t and/or need to be placed on to work. Beds as far as I know are by default set to require a floor or foundation to place, in your provided examples you’re trying to place in the open world. Have you tried placing your bed on a foundation?

“giveitemnum 88 1 1 0” in the console will spawn a wood foundation, if you didn’t know and want to test this.

ohh i see
as for that flag i still using default configuration from real simple bed, since the one that i want to make is a simple bed that can be place on enemy structure but still need foundation as ground, well even with foundation my test bed can’t show emitters or can’t be placed at all

need help T_T
i can’t make any changes right now