HELP - Looking for the best external ssd drive to for saving/working in projects

Hi. I’m sure this question has been asked a million times but I need to find a solution for my laptops limited internal drive running out of space, fast.
I’m looking for a super fast external ssd drive that will allow me to set up my projects, save all my content for projects, and still preform at a desirable speed.
I brought a razerblade 15 laptop which I love but it only came with a 500bg drive.
Its tough to get another internal one added at the moment due to covid etc.
Plus Im not 100% confident of doing it myself:(

Any recommendations would be really appreciated.


All you need is usb 3.0 (if your pc/laptop supports it)
And good quality SSD (you do not want to lose data). So probably some samsung EVO
You do not need extra fast ssd, because limiting factor there is usb 3.0, not ssd speed.
Also do not buy second hand SSDs you never know how those were used.

and you should get two backup drives. It may be one SSD, and second mechanical.
Single backup is risky. You could always get NAS server and store it all over local lan.
Just keep more than single backup.

I would definitely second what Nawrot has suggested regarding the two backup drives. After losing some important study work years ago, I started buying drives in pairs, and for extra safety each drive is a different model or make to reduce chance of failure of both at the same time. I know someone who had a RAID5 array where two drives failed within the same day, both same model, so I know it isn’t unheard of for it to happen.

I use freefile sync which is free and just works to sync between my drives
I also use another piece of free software called CrystalDiskInfo to keep an eye on my mechanical HD health every now and then.

I use a combination of WD external SSD, mechanical drives, cloud storage and GitHub etc…

In terms of best external SSD, it’s difficult to do anything other than recommend a major brand like Samsung because they seem to have good TBW’s SSD Product Warranty | Support | Samsung V-NAND SSD | Samsung Semiconductor Global Website . MTBF (mean time between failure) is also something worth looking at.

That’s just my take on it though, hope it helps :).

Personally I love the buffalo linkstation as its network storage and comes pre-setup with RAID so anything you copy over is auto-backed up. Just keep in mind whatever size you do purchase would be halved if you plan to utilize the RAID f(x).