HELP loading packages

I went to get rid of those errors that say your packages were set to NULL or your packages will be broken. I’m using the August 2014 version.

Where do I save packages? Where should I save the scene?

If there is a more easier version to use let me know. All I want is to put my level into UDK take a few screenshots and put it on my website. Please help

You have to save **all **your stuff (except of us files) into the content folder :slight_smile:

Btw, next time please post your UDK questions into the UDK forum UDK - Epic Games Forums :wink:

what about the scene?

When you mean the map/level/.udk file → yes, you should also save it into the content folder, because it could cause problems (e.g when you package your game,…)

I’m only doing this for portfolio screenshots, would that be okay if the scene wasn’t saved the content folder?

Normally it shouldnt cause problems :wink: (I also save my maps on the desktop and I never get any problems) -> nevertheless I recommend you to save it into the content folder.

But what exactly is your problem/what would you like to know? :slight_smile:

  1. where exactly do you get those errors?
  2. already answered
  3. normally you create your levels in the engine. Otherwise place the .udk file (mapfile) into the content folder + all the needed packages (.upk files which contains the assets used in the map)