Help loading a landscape nightmare

Hello I’ve tying to simply load a heightmap to make a landscape into unreal engine. It turned out to be a nightmare for me, please help me :S

this is what happens.

I keep getting this errors on message log after doing build or buildi light only:

WorldSttings Maps need lighting rebuilt + source control is disabled + localization is disabled. Errors.

It has its Lightmass Importance Volume

source file matches ue4 requirements

I tryed solutions I found but none is working. Solutions such : restart the windos service, clone content into new project, open new map inside engine swap to the previous. I made a fresh instalation and unlinked github account but none of above mentioned works. Swarm Agent works properly already checked the log.

So, your problem is building the lights out?

Hello, yes the light isn’t building properly.

I’m loading a .RAW image as a landscape.

Heigmap resolution: 8129x8129
Section size: 127x127
Sections per component 2x2
Number of components 32 x 32
Overall resolution 8129 x 8129
total components 1024

Swarm has different errors. Yesterday I compiled the engine using the source at Git, with same results, I compiled the light importancevolume component alone, with same results. I even tryed to rebuild both things at once, same thing.

Theres this errors that keep popping up after the build.
WorldSettings_1 map needs rebuild

I tryed every single solution: registry solution, copy paste into new map, recompile engine and components, fresh instalation, I erased the swarm folder and made a repair from the launcher. Also changed lights options, set light to dynamic. Change values between game levels to get lightmap=0. Copy assets into a new level in same project. Clone project.

None of above worked. Pls If you can suggest me any solution, anything pls help.