Help: Line Trace Weapon from AI Bot


I am looking at running a Trace Line Weapon on my AI BOT.

I have added a camera for easy reference.

Now the line trace seems to either go either side of me or straight through me. No sure which.

Here is my Rotate

Here is my Line Trace

Here is my sad results.


Should you be using OnHitActor? Not sure … just a thought. 8-{

Hits Wall Fine

But when it hits me, it spawns here


Looks like it is hitting, but something going wrong. But spawning at 0/0/20?


always use branch to prevent any error or issue

and pawn doesn’t block visibility , make sure it does


Ignore Visibility - was set. Checked it out. Cheers

That branch has stopped it spawn at 0, but still goes through me.


check block visibility

Fantastic Mhousse1247, that works, mostly.

I think I have issue where I am producing the line trace.

My Mesh


My Rotation Graph

My Line Trace (Works when I stand in front of it :slight_smile:

It appears that it seems to get close to my location and goes, Ahhh, that is close enough.

If I edit the Barrel range I can move it, just not close enough. I can spawn from the ground, but can not shoot down from the ledge.

Found the issue, just not the solution.


Does not work

Any reason this node would cause this issue?

It appears, any delay in movement make it inaccurate.

UE4 crashed, rebooted - works now.

Thank you