[HELP] Lighting control over Time?

Hey Guys,
I need help with blueprints!!!

Can anyone say me, how I can get the ingame Time?
And how to control Light over Time?

The Lights should turn on and off without the need of a Player in an Area…

Best Regards

“Get Day Time String”

Then you’ll either need to recreate all of the powered lights or create an in-game object to handle altering all of the lights.

If recreating them, just use a timer and in that timer check if the light is powered, if it is activate the container if the day time string is equal to a specified range of time.

If creating an in-game object, do a spherical trace for the lights on an adequate-length timer storing the array in a variable. Then in another timer do the above, though an IsValid (executed) node would be needed when running through the array to prevent crashing clients/servers when an index no longer exists - if a light reference has been removed from the array before the first timer checks again and updates the array.

Some options, anyway.


Do you have an example for me?
Pictures would be nice^^

I have no idea how to do this in the blueprint…

I did it now with matinee…
But I must look, maybe I can there turn the light on and off too, for now they run out of a wall and later back in a wall^^