[Help] Level streaming

Hi everyone, i am new to ue4 an i am creating a small project consisting on 3 levels. The first Level is inside a House, the second is the house’s basement and the third is outside the House. They are separated levels i have already built.
My question is:
Level streaming should be used un this case?
If yes, creating an empty persistent Level and adding the existing 3 levels with the transitions between them is the correct thing to do?

Next question the lights or nav mesh, or post process volumes… should be in each Level? Or in the persistent one?

Thanks everyone in avdvance for the help

You might be able to get away with ‘open level’, it depends how big these rooms are.

You have to figure out if you want to stream with blueprint or streaming volumes.

Then it’s really up to you how you want to manage it. You can keep the levels separate or have some stuff in the persistent.

If you want stuff like lighting and postprocess in the persistent, I think you have to do the ‘build’ with everything visible.

Best thing is to try some options.

EDIT: Sorry to be so vague, but you can really roll it any way you want. It depends on so many things. For instance, skylights don’t usually go well with indoor stuff. If you’re mixing indoors and outdoors, then you probably want to keep lighting separate, otherwise you might have lighting in the persistent only. If you want to do light baking, again you might keep that separate etc…

Thanks for the response, the levels are no that ‘big’ so i decided to just go for open level. The problem now is that the player does not spawn where i want the player start is placed.
i have overwriten the choose player start in the Game Mode and put tags on my player starts but It does not seem to work.
can It be a loading issue?