[Help] Learning more about Cameras.

Hello Everyone,

First-time poster here, if I bugged anything up in posting please let me know!

I’ve followed and completed several tutorials but feel very underprepared to tackle this camera feature I’ve been trying to implement for 2 days. Outside of this one camera thing, everything else in this small game is coming along nicely enough, so all-in-all this project has been a big win for me! :slight_smile:

While jumping during regular gameplay I’d like the camera to NOT update the Z-axis. - Sounds simple as hell.

However, the full effect I’m hoping to achieve is to have the camera that only updates the Z-axis when the character gets onto a new floor, either by hopping through a designated space in the ceiling or by way of an elevator. Likewise Id’ like the camera to update it if the character falls down a floor.

This is a somewhat similar example of the effect only in a 2D game. (When the character jumps the camera is not following his Z axis, only just pulling out slightly until he goes up a floor.

Here is the start of my progress but I’m struggling to get my desired effect. <- to be clear, this isn’t working in the least.

I’m honestly just so stuck, if anyone can point me into what I should be digging into to learn how to do this, I’d be very grateful. Do I build multiple cameras that trigger when the player passes a certain Z value? When they pass the hole? When they are on the elevator etc.

Any help would be appreciated!