Help: Just a quick one, I need a mega branch.

Hi All

Instead of have 6 branches one after the other with 6 different BOOLs, is there one node that could do that?


You could use a switch on int/enum perhaps, but it depends on what you are trying to achieve.

I have a factory, and I need to run a check if all material are there before production.

Example Cupboard

5 wood
1 nails
1 glue
1 laminate
1 glass
1 rubber

I need to check all of these variable to make sure there is enough. That is all.

I thought of making an array for everyone of these on for each loop, and on fail on on set a bool that stops production. But that is going to end up being a lot of array to have.

I already have nearly 80 variables :confused:


Does it need to check that there are specific amounts of each variable?


Not at the moment, just enough to build to product, I will be setting bools depending on demand.


You’ll still need some branches, but you could use a AND node, which will return true only if all its inputs are true.
So you can plug all your branches into that, without having to branch through each.

If you need to know which one is a trouble : As you can have more than one, you need an int array “error” : on loop (not with break) of your array “values”, you add index value of this array to array “error” , on completed, length of array “error” =0 it’s ok else new loop with array “error” to set values or do what you want with. When done : clear array “error”

Ok, so make a Mega Bool instead.

Will look at the For loop now.

Works for me.

Thanks Mosel3y & Fen