Help ive got the wrong unreal engine

Hi i have recently found out that i have to wrong engine to complete my university work i have the unreal engine 4.10.1 not the unreal engine 4.7.6 which is the one i need i cant see anything on my page which i could change my unreal engine to the one i need i looked at the drop down arrow to see if it would let me select the engine 4.7.6 but no luck and it is a big issue for me please can someone help me im a computer games student from teeside and i need help fast.


go to the “library” tab in the launcher, click the “+Add Versions” button and then you will be able to use the dropdown of the newly created engine slot to choose the version you want, then click “install” and you should be good to go.

hope that helps:).

Any reason you need 4.7.6? Just curious.