Help I've broken my Event Hit/Overlap etc.

I am unable to get get any variable values at all on a hit result, I can use a keypress while I am hit to show those values actually aren’t 0. However if I run on the server it works fine and I can access everything. If I use ‘has authority’ and cast to the client the values are still 0.

My pawn is set to blockalldynamic and generate overlap events, simulate generates hit events is unchecked.
I believe this was working ages ago, then I must have made some change and now it doesn’t work again. I’m sure it’s some simple checkbox but I can’t find it. I’ve exhausted just about every setting I could think of, any help is appreciated.

Also any advice if I have BUGgered myself, what steps to rebuild?

Also worth noting, the print text only says server on both client and server windows.

Hi, if a mod reads this, I think this thread is in the wrong forum, it’s not a blueprint problem. Thanks

just wanted to update in case anyone ever encounters a similar event. Rebuilding the pawn/game didn’t fix, perhaps this is working as intended. I was able to get around having non-functional hit events by using the sweep hit result from ‘addactorworldoffset’. Then building my collisions and replicating out to clients. So essentially using the event tick, provides client data, while event hit doesn’t.