HELP! Issue with packed game

Hi, I had packed my game to test it with my friends and we discovered that the character that the Server has chosen is spawned when loaded into the map. On the other hand the client doesn’t spawn the character that the client has chosen However if I do this in the editor it works fine. I have been trying to find the issue and unfortunately I was unable to find a solution. It all seems fine to me unless I’m doing something wrong.

What the Server sees:

What the Client sees:

In the editor (All working fine):

Blueprint code when player selects what character they would like to play as and this is casted to the server info to store it, also when casting I set the custom event to “Run on owning client” (Correct me if I am wrong but the game instance is only destroyed when game is closed and each player has there own game instance):

This is how I made the Game Instance and I called it “ServerInfo” (Followed a tutorial on YouTube):

The (“CharacterStoreName”) name variable is inside the game instance (“ServerInfo”) which is where it should store the name of the character that was chosen by the player:

On event handle starting new player in the Game Mode, it casts to the Player Controller and triggers the custom event:

In the Player Controller the custom event that is “Run on owning client” is triggered and this grab the selected character name that the player selected from the Game Instance “ServerInfo” by casting to it and then this data is fed into another custom event that is “Run on server” which handles the spawning and possessing of the pawn:

Also when selecting the character this is in a different map and when everybody has selected a character then everybody loads into the map where the playing takes place. I know 100% nothing wrong with the code for checking if character has selected a character. Also I have changed the game instance in project settings to my custom one called “ServerInfo” and yes the directory is correct in the DefaultEngine.ini as it says this when opened the file
I believe the directory is also correct

Please help me thanks :slight_smile:

I have encountered similar problem when sharing you my game for testing with friends. I haven’t found the solution yet but something seems to be missing in shipping packaged game. I ended up packaging it for development and it works now for my friends.

Did you set the Player Pawn to “None” in the map settings?

I have but still not working
however when I do character selection or character in lobby that all works fine.

  • Spawning should always be on the server-side
  • i dont know about this specific instance (im just using the normal one and everything works fine)
  • unfortunately I cant read anything on the screenshot “wbp character select”
  • im pretty sure its an replication error. The server does something and the client doesnt know about

I think so as well. On the WBP Character Select the player press a button to spawn in that character. When the player presses the button the preview character is spawned and the character is passed on to the game instance by a run on owning client custom event, so can be later use to go in a data structure and spawn the correct character with there weapons and ability’s also then a lock in button will appear. If the player is happy with the character they selected to play as they can press lock in button which sets there ready status. Once all players are ready then all players (using server travel which is ran on server) will load to new map. note I use server travel from lobby to character select map and it works fine. So I do think I’m doing something wrong for client I can send more screen shot if you need and I will try to make them readable. Thanks for replaying :slight_smile: