Help Issue when converting the Static from BSP


Might have this wrong. I tried to make a Static mesh out of BSP.

In the BSP I can walk in to the room.

But when converted, I can not enter. Why is it putting a collision around the entire , not just the BSPs

Any ideas

You have to re-create the collision -> :slight_smile:


Does not work.

Not sure if it is 4,7 preview thing.

Which preview do you use + what have you already tried? :slight_smile:


Using 4.7/7

Have not used 4,6 as it constantly crashed on last system.

Just saw your picture -> when you go this way you will have to choose “use complex as simple” :wink:
But in this case it would be better when you just add collision boxes (>4.6 you can add several boxes + you can move them) or when you create your collision in your 3rd program


Making it in UE4, no external software

How do you add collision boxes?

Use the 2nd way showed in the video -> click onto the collision tab - add a box collision (you will need 6 boxes) - select them - move them to the right position


Think I got it


4am, going to bed.

Ok a little confused

Did left and right walls to start, now a other collision works.



Hey ,

That’s not a collision issue since the walls are stopping the player capsule from entering. I can’t find the post where someone had asked about this recently, but there are two options that I’m aware of. It will be doing some work with the custom depth that the character mesh is on or doing something in code to get around this.

Sorry I don’t have more specifics at the moment. I’ll keep looking for the post where someone go around it with their own workaround.

There is a a pretty “strange” workaround for that: https://forums.unrealengine/showthread.php?2006-First-Person-Example-Arms-Clip-Through-World :slight_smile:

“the Frist Person Mesh is pretty small and inside the character. Since it’s close to the camera it still looks big. The Weapon still clips for other players as the 3P Mesh is outside of the collision capsule.”

The good/common way it to use Depth Priority -> dont know how it works but I heard that it has been removed (dont know if I’m up to date ^^)


Heya ! That’s the one! Thanks. I couldn’t find where it was posted before. :smiley: