HELP! Interp to Movement Component

My Interp to Movement Component does not seem to work how its supposed to. As per the instructions listed by Tim Hobson here: The new "Interpolate To" Movement Component - Debugging, Optimization, & Profiling - Unreal Engine Forums

I added the component to a cube (which is movable and the scene root). I scripted that when I press W, set the control points to 1.) its current location, and 2.) Its current location + 5 units in front of it (using logic I know works via testing with just setting the world location). The interpToNodes are set to not relative locations and the duration is set to 1. When I press W in game, the cube just teleports to the same spot no matter the way I face and when I change the values completely, say point 1 is (100, 100, 100) and 2 is (400, 400, 400) it still teleports the same location as currentLocation + 5. Even when starting point is different etc, always the same point.

Would someone be able to post an example of this working or what I’m doing wrong. I have workarounds (without the component) just thought this would be a bit more elegant and perhaps better for performance (a question for a UE dev).


Did you try Move Component To node? If not type in Component and it’ll pop up. Good luck.

This is EXCELLENT, much more versatile and better than adding the Interp to Movement component. Thanks!!
Also, the Interptomovement component was malfunctioning in Android. The BP object disappeared (was destroyed?) after reaching the last waypoint.

Sorry to resurrect this thread, but in case someone is having the same problem, make sure you call Finalise Control Points after you set them in a blueprint. Otherwise the actor will just teleport to a set location and won’t move.

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Finalise Control Points node is very important to work properly.
Thank you man!!

this saved my day, thanks!