[Help] Inside Outside Check and Owner of object

So i have been asked by a few people and have had a search around (dont think we can touch it as much as i need right now) but how does a building check if its inside or outside and if its raining or not i no how i would check this and they didnt do it like i thought? also has anyone figured out how to compare the investigators id to the Owner of the obj id? i have done the activation and deactivation event and it works but i cant get the event to only trigger for the owner i can get it to check the name but not the owner of the obj


I dont know about a inside/outside check

But isnt there a getOwner function that returns the a referance to the actor whos the owner?
Not tested but cant you do it something like this.

On the Overlap Event Begine set the next node to a Branch type.
From the “other actor” ouput make a line to a empty place on the graph and type ==
So you get a object equal comparison node.

Next place out the “Get owner” function and put the targe to self.
From the output make it link to the compare node.

From the compare node link it to the Branch.
So the compareing of the two object will only be true if they match. and from there you can do the rest of the valid execution of your graph

nope im pretty sure that gets the server owner cause when u put it in a string it just returns none