[Help] In-Game Market System: Offers

Greetings Unreal Community!

I hope this can be achieved by blueprints.

In my project I’d like to introduce an unique offer based market system.My aim is making seller gets the gold when his/her item sold.So items must stay at market.Creating gold and trade from thin air is not my aim.This seller can be a NPC or PC.Two different instances of a same blueprint class should can make two different offers.Or maybe more than one offer per seller and more than two instances from same blueprint class (producer.)

I thought an array based system can work.With having two seperate array,one for product amount of offers and one for some kind of ID system for offers can be done,but I’m not sure that this system work well.

Other solution I found is making selled items as invisible objects.I can set ownership for that objects when they put down to market.They will be fairly blank objects but I’m not sure this solution help to performance.

[Bonus: It would be good to not to show every offer;incase of it just grouping same item type in a single “box” then when a buyer buys an X amount,this amount will be deducted from offers (starting from lowest “ID” if possible) untill it’s fulfilled.]

Thanks for the answers!