Help importing my photogrammetry models into unreal

Hi Everyone,

I have been working on a couple personal projects recreating my childhood cottage in Unreal to be used in a VR experience but I am fairly green for any type of game design.

I was hoping to get some advice on how I can properly import my models from Reality Capture (Which I have cleaned up through Modo) to be used in an optimal way in Unreal.

Here are some examples of my models

Here are some of the problems I am facing with importing:

  • The objects are very shiny on import and look pretty terrible when compared to how they look using reality capture. I know this is an issue with the surface type but I really dont know where to find a good guide for what I am trying to do.
  • How many UV maps should I have for a room of this size? and how many texture maps are too many for multiple rooms. (Currently I am using 3 8k maps per room, 1 for the higher res meshes, 1 for the walls, floors, ceiling, and the last for smaller objects. But if I have many rooms there would be many textures. Oh Also im looking at 500k - 1000k polys per room.
  • Should I model each room separately? or should I try to cram everything in one model for a house? Reconstructing this for photogrammetry takes a lot longer and I probably lose accuracy on the reconstruction trying to do too much.
  • I probably at some point want to start separating objects within my model after the photogrammetry is completed so I can move objects around and interact with doors. What is the best approach for this?

Would love to hear from some folks here to help out!



Ah, im on the second page and no help :frowning:

If you are using VR , Did you checked the forward renderer?
because with VR the forward renderer will change the material.

For the reflective surfaces, I started playing around with the specular and roughness adding constant values of 0.01 and 0.9 to them and that did help with the surface reflections.

Some of the other questions I had, I really just need to find a good path to creating a workable environment, where I can have movable doors, walk through rooms and up stairs without judders. Then I can start working on the purpose of what I am trying to do! haha making the place interactive and fun.

I think its optimizing working with 300k-500k poly rooms. And using complex collision which doesn’t break the engine when I drop a box onto a cough in the room with a ton of polys. ( I think I just need to bring in a very very low res collision mesh.

For VR you need very optimized 3d models (less polygons is the best way to achieve your 90fps).
but there is a lot of parameters …to improve VR.
You can try the template of Mordental.There you will find all the tools to make your environment interactive and fun.
You need also to go through the tutorials concerning Ue4 and VR.
good luck and your models looks fantastic. :slight_smile: