help!! I'm trying to make a mod, but i can seem to be able to make my item do something!

I’m trying to make a mod, where you make an item, and when you use the item, it adds an engram point.

[FONT=Century Gothic]I had the idea to add craftable EP, when i was playing singleplayer and realized that i couldn’t get every engram. I get that it encourages that you join a tribe, but that’s impossible in singleplayer.

I have the item, the player can consume it, but i don’t know how to add an EP when consumed. Can someone help me?

Without a blueprint I really dont think you can add EP eating stuff ingame… for more EP your doing the hard way. You can add more engram points via the main menu if you want a mod or simply use an INI since your doing a single player game… here, read this: Reddit - Dive into anything