[Help] I'm trying to change the max walk speed of my character with finterp

So I’ve set up a system to determine wether you’re sprinting, running, walking, or crouching. I’m using this code to change the max speed depending on what movement type is selected:

But whenever I change what movement type im doing in-game the max walk speed just jumps around to random values… and I can’t get it to smoothly change between speeds.

The speeds are:
Sprinting: 650
Running: 350
Walking: 250
Crouching: 225

I haven’t had a chance to mess with the speeds cause I can’t get it to change. XD
Any help is appreciated!

Sorry if I put the image in wrong or put this in the wrong thread but this seemed like the right place

Unless you’re calling that MovementUpdate from tick, there’s no point in having the finterp there.

Just try setting the values without the finterp, I think you’ll find it will work fine :slight_smile:

I want the movement changed to be smooth, there’s no way unless I run it straight from tick?

Yes, but you need to call MovementUpdate from tick