Help - I'm new to UnReal Engine 5 and hoping for Advice. Thanks!

Hi !

I have a custom PC that has:
CPU - Intel I7-9700F
Ram - 32GB
Video Card - NVidia GeForce GTX 1650 Super

I was hoping to find out if this is good enough to use UnReal Engine 5 to make
those super cool graphics and games! I was thinking of upgrading in the future
to an Intel - Core i5-12400 12th Generation - 6 Core - 12 Thread, but before I do that wanted to check with you all first.

Really appreciate your advice and Thanks!

Ok, I went ahead and gave UE5 a try using my current setup. Not too bad so far. It’s using about 43% utilization on my CPU, and only 10% on my Graphics card and about 8GB of RAM. Without doing anything but starting it up and logging into Quixel Bridge which has some cool stuff in it. But I guess the really fancy things are out of reach like nanite and lumen. I looked at the resource monitor while it ran and was baffled why I had This usage:
CPU 0 - 100% → 90C to 96C
CPU 1 - 90% → 90C to 95C
CPU 2 - 20% → 90C to 95C
CPU 3 - 90% → 80C to 89C
CPU 4 - 20% → 80C to 84C
CPU 5 - 10% → 80C to 83C
CPU 6 - 10% → 78C
CPU 7 - 20% → 80C

Doesn’t seem balanced usage? Confused on that. Ok Got that “Core Temp” application and was surprised at my Core temps I added above. Looks like I gotta add better cooling system. My concern was CPU 0 , 1, and 3 topping out at 100C on occasions. That can’t be good CPU health over the long term. Guessing liquid cooling would nix that. (Update) Ok, so I found these spec recommendation “Video cards must be NVIDIA RTX-2000 series and higher. We recommend compiling with a machine having 12 to 16 cores.” . Looks like I gotta upgrade my rig to handle UE5. Well, at least now I know.

Update (10/13/2022): Ok, I went on Amazon and purchased and installed a better cooling solution: ID-Cooling SE-214-XT ARGB (only $19.99 for the budget minded). That one worked for my Intel socketed LGA 1151 CPU.
Now my Core Temps are far better and the CPU Loads are Better:
Temps/ Load
CPU 0 - 56C 64%
CPU 1 - 50C 24%
CPU 2 - 64C 62%
CPU 3 - 58 C 24%
CPU 4 - 68 C 14%
CPU 5 - 61 C 5%
CPU 6 - 53 C 10%
CPU 7 - 53 C 11%
So, yes your cooling solution beyond the Intel CPU Fan and Case Fans are required
and will indeed protect your CPU from extreme stress that can shorten its life.
Not to say that when I start compiling there won’t be moments. But at least now there’s
a way to shield my CPU during those moments.

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