[Help] Im having an issue with the vertex normals being imported to ue4

Hey, for some reason when i import my FBX model into UE4 the normals i created in maya are getting adjusted.

ive attached 2 screenshots, the first shows what happens when i get the file in ue4, as you can see its ruining the flow of the normals along that edge however in maya (the second image) everything flows fine.

Can anyone suggest a solution to this to this?

issue 1.JPG

issue 2.JPG

Bonus info: the file exports correct from 3DS Max using fbx and face weighted normals. the file also appears to work fine in Mormoset toolbag 2 so its an issue purely between ue4 and maya

Thanks in advance.

Can you show us your export settings from Maya, and your import settings for UE4?

Also, try unchecking “Use MikkTSpace Tangent” in your static meshes settings, then apply changes and see if that fixes. Sometimes that will mess with the normals.

also check that the triangulation isnt doing something weird. triangulate it yourself in maya (there’s a button for that under ‘mesh’ called ‘triangulate mesh’) then export it and see if that helps.

Ok i managed to fix it. for some reason in maya 2016 when setting the normals to face it exports incorrectly, however by setting the vertex normals to average (which for some reason looks the same as the face normals for some reason) fixes the issue 61f715d7d81d454eb4a7345c7fec6899373b6909.jpeg

Thanks for the help guys :slight_smile:

Glad to see you were able to resolve it! =)

Sorry if I’m reviving an ancient thread but, if someone else comes across this thread with the same issue, I fixed my normals issue by UN-CHECKING “smoothing groups” on fbx export from 3ds max.