Help illuminate closed room

Hi I have an interior of the house where the bathroon there isnt any window how is the right way to illuminate this room
pointlight?? Rectangle light on the roof??
another postprocess volume?


hello, I think its better to use spotlights

But with the spotlight i can illuminate the bathroom but the roof still dark

If you are using static lighting, then increasing the number of bounces should help.

For quick fixes I have sometimes resorted to point lights. If you un-check ‘Use Inverse Squared Falloff’ and lower the ‘Light Falloff Exponent’ they can proved a more even illumination to add general light to a space. For these, I’ll also usually set the ‘Min Roughness’ to 1 so the point light doesn’t show up in reflections. Not a perfect solution, and certainly not an accurate way of doing lighting, but maybe helpful sometimes.

Ok will try, im use a static skylight and stationary directional light for the sun
When you said to increase bounces, its using a spot light or the way that you said with a point light

You can find ‘Num Indirect Light Bounces’ in the Lightmass section in the World Settings panel. The default is 3. I usually bump it up to 10. If you have a lot of white surfaces, you should notice a difference because they will be able to reflect most of the light that hits them, meaning more bounces will lead to more overall light. For darker surfaces, the extra bounces probably won’t do much. Each bounce is less and less important, so I’ve never needed to go higher than 10. Probably wouldn’t notice much difference a few notches lower, even.

Yes i have 10 bounces like you said i will try the point light without inverse and add some spot light with les

Thanks it has worked but paquetting a html5 shows the light reflections on the wall. Can i uncheck a setting to solve it u change the source radio and on rendering i can get it

In architectural renderings, no matter the program, it’s good practice to place lights where the actual lights in the room are. If there are 4 can lights in the ceiling then that’s where you place your light sources. If there is a lamp on a shelf then place the light at the lamp. Placing a big rectangle at the ceiling, or a big point light in the middle just for the sake of light the room, will make the scene look un-natural and fake. Put lights where the actual lights are then adjust bounces and learn exposure control.