help i want to import the content of ark in my own project help how do i do this ?

i want to use the ark content to laern from it so i want to use it in my own project i only could import the mheses like an fbx file but no materials an i also wand the tearain material and the bluprints so please help me whit this problem

Never used Ark before but in the right-click menu when you have an asset selected, see if there is an option to migrate it. They might have taken that option out since you are probably not meant to use their assets outside of the game possibly?

you cannot import from ARK Survival if you mean that game, firstly because of copyright, secondly because they encrypted all uassets just for this reason.
also the majority of their code is c++ and encrypted into dlls, the actual exposed blueprints are just children of those.

so the answer: if you can decrypt the uassets, it could be possible, but illegal from ark’s point of view.

eolet yes you are correct for copyright but no if you go into ARK/ShooterGame/Content/ you can place the uasset files into your own project, I did this with Squad to test a texture issue. I would not do more then test things for helping the dev, and many of the Textures/Models are non exportable so no worry there about stealing as for the code its a bit less hard to look at that.