help i want to add full level to my game

Good afternoon, I don’t know if someone here can help me with my question.
It turns out that I want it to be displayed at the end of the game in the main menu to show that the level has been passed but I don’t know how.
I would appreciate any help or any video I can see

Hey there @AmK171! Welcome to the community!

Depending on how complex your game is you’re going to want to do one (or likely both) of these things.

  1. Use the game instance to keep a variable (only for that play session) saved that your main menu can check. Basically it’d just be a Bool variable in your game instance that says for example: Level 9 complete. Then whenever you load into the main menu, have it check that bool on Beginplay and if true spawn a trophy/checkmark or whatever you want.

  2. If your game is a bit bigger and longer than one play session, you may want a save system. This way your players can save their progress and come back to it later. This is pretty essential for most games of sufficient scale. You’d basically be doing the same as the first, but also creating a system to save and load that progress as well.

Included below are two tutorials, the first one is to teach you how to use the game instance to keep a persistent score in the play session, and the second one goes into creating a save system. The save system is a bit more complex and you’ll have to already have a system in place to store the variables you need to save in the game instance anyway. Let me know if you have any questions!

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Game instance persistent variable tutorial:

Saving and loading games (part 1):

Saving/Loading documentation:

Do you think you know if there is a more precise video where you combine the variable and the main menu, I am very new to this sorry for the inconvenience

That get’s a bit more specialized, so there isn’t really a tutorial directly for it, but I can do a bit of a longer example. Basically with both of those tutorials you learn to make a Game Instance, apply variables to it, and then you can make a save system to save and load those variables in the second video. What you would do is on your main menu where you want to display if you’d completed a level or not, you’d just ask your game instance if the variable for that level and do whatever you need graphically.

I have a project where it saves a score variable every time you finish a race, then when you start the game again it loads that variable so your score can keep raising. I’ll make a little main menu example that uses this to show the score. You can create exactly this with the two tutorials I showed off, which is why I recommended them. This I’ll go ahead and work up the example later tonight/tomorrow and then walk you through it.

Sorry about the wait, the post got lost on my desk. Here’s a Game instance that has saving, loading, points, score, complete levels, and the event check complete level is what you’d use to check and see if a level is complete.