HELP I still can't access the marketplace! [SOLVED]

There is something wrong with this account, I’ve already emailed support several times, and this issue is still not resolved.

I can’t buy any items on the marketplace! I get hit with this “maintenance” error that’s been blocking me for weeks now.



I discovered only yesterday (through the help of another user) that with a new account, it can login to the site use the marketplace, but only MY account is unable to access anything.

Please HELP! I missed the sales already and I STILL can’t buy anything, support hasn’t fixed this yet.

Is there any way that something can be done to repair my account, I saved up for the summer sale and I haven’t been allowed to make a single purchase!

Epic staff has responded to you earlier, you did not get any answer on your mail?

Hi [MENTION=33476]Aumaan Anubis[/MENTION], please make sure that the zip code you are using on your account profile is valid. This should resolve the error that you are receiving. Let us know if you are still having issues.



@Scraphead Yes I did, I wrote 2 replies to that message both with the attached log files a few days ago.
@Reubitron I’ll give that shot, and let you know :slight_smile:

@Reubitron THAT WORKED!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Now is there anyway that I could get in on the sales that I missed? Do I need to speak with each marketplace seller individually to negotiate something? Because I saved up for this for this sale, and was really excited, and I couldn’t ask for help on the forums until just recently due to the breach. :frowning:

I was attempting to buy “Modular Scifi Decals by Jonathon Frederick”, and Cardinal Gems by

There were some other items that went on sale that weren’t part of the summer sale but I don’t remember which ones, did that combo system go on sale since the breach?

Hi [MENTION=33476]Aumaan Anubis[/MENTION]! I am happy that we got that straighten out for you! :smiley:

I am sorry, but we are unable to sell the items for the discounted price after the seller’s item is no longer available. However, I can assure you that our sellers like Jonathon and Inedible love to be apart of these sales events. Stay tuned to our sales category for ongoing sales as well as the Marketplace Summer event.

If you run into any further issues like this again, please reach us or PM me on here :slight_smile:

Aww man, well thank you for your help though.

This thread can be marked as “solved” then :slight_smile:

Anytime! I have gone ahead and changed the title to [SOLVED]. If anyone has the same issues, please link them to this thread. You guys are the best! :slight_smile: