Help! I have a weapon that is part of the main mesh how can i make use of it?

So I have a character that has a melee weapon that is part of the main mesh but is skinned to a bone of its own. Is the anyway I can make that follow the melee animation montage>? I have been trying to get this to work for a while now, I got it to kinda work a while back and now for the life of me I cant get it to work again now. I made a video describing what I am trying to do, someone throw me a bone here, pun intended.

Deleted Video Thanks guys I got It Working Now!

Seems As Though The Video Is Busted…

Its Working Now!

You could set the bone’s translation in your animblueprint to follow the hand, trigger it as needed. You could animate that bone to be correct in your attack animation, make your animation rig to handle that. Or you could detach the weapon mesh from the main skeleton, make it a static mesh and just attach it appropriately through your blueprint, have it on the hip and at the right time, attach it to the hand, and back.

What I’m trying to say is you have some choices, there may even be more choices that I didn’t mention here. Though depending on what you do, you won’t see the results always inside the montage, only in game.

I don’t know what you did before where you said you think you had it kinda working. If you describe what you did, maybe you’re just missing a step or something for that method.

it seems like if I remember correctly, somehow I managed to get the location of the hand bone, and somehow used that to update the bone that the weapon is attached to so it followed the hand bones location.

I simply cant get this to work right, anyone here willing to help me out and alter the animations for me so that the weapon bone follows the left hand bone? There would be 3 animations that would have to be altered.

I would do as was suggested and just remove the weapon from the mesh, but there are 27 characters each with a different texture set and different sizes of weapons, that would just be too much work. If I was worth a flip at animations id do it myself, but I simply am terrible at it, seems like someone good at animations could have this done in just a few minutes?

Someone help me out? Please, ill be your best friend if ya do…lol

Thanks guys!

Just out of the top of my head,

  1. In the montage add a curve that reaches 1 at the point where you want the weapon to attach to the hand then when you want it to detach set the value to 0 (keep it at 1 for the duration that you want).
  2. Add a slot animation node for the montage.
  3. In the anim bp add a copy bone node to copy the hand translation and use the curve from step 1 as input for the alpha value.

I appreciate the help, but honestly I have no idea how to do any of that stuff you just mentioned, I know that sound like I am whining. I would rather just have some nice person just let me send them the mesh and animations and let them fix it properly for me, instead of trying to hack a way into making it work.

Worst case I guess I can just do it the long lots of work way and remove the mesh from the character and do it like any other weapon and create a bp for it and do the whole spawn/attach to hand. I would really rather not do it that way though, honestly it seems like just fixing it in the animation itself wouldn’t be that hard for someone who knows how to do it.

I could make you a video of how to do it, but wasn’t able to right now, but here’s a quick run through the steps. It really is fairly simple, I guess it’s one of those things where you just need to know the nodes you need for it to work. I mean, this is one way of doing it, basically what lion032 describes, but the way I do it is to grab the translation into a variable. but anyway, I hope it makes some sort of sense. not sure your entire setup, how this fits into your existing anim graph, but if you have trouble there, just post a shot of your graph to better tell what’s going.

Anyway, hope this helps…


I am going to give this a try a little later today, thank you very much, ill post back here to let you know how it all worked out

It worked ty so much!