Help! I have a script to set show mouse boolean true which works but it does not let me drag my mouse to move the camera untill i click, and the same goes when i disable it.

I have a the set mouse cursor boolean to true so i can have my mouse cursor in game but it does not let me drag and move the camera until i do an initial click, and i have not found anyone online with the same problem so far. I do not have a script to move the camera when i click and drag but it still happens which is fine (its what i was trying to do) but i cant find any way to make it activate without an initial click. the drag and move camera also works with both mouse buttons when i only want it for the right mouse button.
Has anyone had a similar issue? and if so have you found a fix? thanks.

This is default editor behavior. You have to click the screen to start ‘playing’.

When you package the game, you don’t have to do the initial click. But you do in the editor.

Also, if you show the mouse cursor, you don’t have control over the camera anymore. It’s one or the other :slight_smile:

even when i package the game i have to click, so when i disable or enable mouse cursor i have to click and It does let me keep control over the camera and its very annoying

If you want to have camera control and a mouse, that’s basically like having a dot on the center of the HUD. It’s not really a mouse cursor.

well im trying to make it so when i equip a certain item it makes it so i have a free cursor so i can place blocks

When you can see the mouse, you want to be able to move it to a certain location, right?

If the camera is moving too, you won’t be able to do that.

Have a think about it :slight_smile:

it locks the camera when i do that, but i want to be able move the camera when holding a mouse button, which works but the problem is it works with all mouse buttons