Help! I don't know what I did

Everything was working fine. And then for no apparent reason, whenever I use the pawn movement nodes ( Move forward, move right, move up world)… It makes my pawn move backward. I changed nothing that I’m aware of. All my blueprint is the same… changed nothing. But no matter which node I use, where or how, if I use any of them, It makes my pawn move backward. I don’t know if maybe I accidentally hit a key on my keyboard that changed a setting somewhere that makes my pawn always move backwards. I have no idea. I don’t know where to even look. There is nothing in my blueprint that would move my pawn. Just whenever I use one of the movement nodes. What could cause this???

Even if I disconnect EVERYTHING and attach only a move right node with the value of one to my tick event and nothing else, i move backward.

First check your INPUT settings in the Project Settings. And make sure MoveForward and such has the right scales. W should have a scale of 1.0 and S should have a scale of -1.0.

After that in your character BP, make sure when you set the InputAxis MoveForward node, connect it to the Add Movement INput node and world direction should be connected to Get Actor Forward Vector. Like such:

Other than that, try to close the project down and re-launch it. I’ve had some weird issues lately where something was working then all a sudden stopped, so I had to relaunch the project and it worked fine again. That’s with the latest 4.16.2 engine.

when I use the add movement input node, it makes me move backwards. No matter what I input in the world direction, i always move backward. I directly input 0,0,1… and i move backward

Did you check your Input settings under Project Settings and make sure the scales was set correctly? like so:

2.png Mine looks like this.

but the input settings shouldn’t have an effect on this:

This should not make me move backwards.

I even restarted my computer. Sigh.

Not sure what template you are working with or if you created your own, in the add movement input node put in -1 in the scale and see if that fixes it.

I figured it out. thanks for helping
Turns out there was a tiny mesh attached to my pawn that the collision was somehow making me move backwards every time i tried to move. I don’t know why it spontaneously decided it was going to start doing that, but I fixed it. Bleh.