Help I can't seem to save my project.

Long story short, I’m new to UDK. And I am a gaming student at Uni. Now we allowed use the driving game in the marketplace as the bases of the racing game. We are suppose to make for our assignment. The problem is, whenever I go to make a new project over the Vehicle game sample and save my new project. The next time I got to access my new project it is never there. It isn’t even on the my files within the computer. It’s like I never saved anything at all. And this is really stressing me out because I get somewhere with the game and then I lose everything?!!!

When you save your project, are you verifying that the files are in the project folder?

Also, are you doing this on a personal computer or a university computer that has multiple profiles? The project folders save to your My Documents folder so if you are on a public computer then you may not be accessing the same profile each time.