Help! I can't receive the verification email when I am logging in to the EPIC account

It’s bad, because there are items on sale in my account. If this account can’t be logged in, there is no way to manage my products!
The site said that I am using a new device so I have to enter the verification code, but I did not change the device (probably because of the system upgrade), and what’s more I can not receive the verification code email anyway! I am using the QQ mail, and have determined that it was not automatically put into the trash bin.
I’ll appreciate it if anybody can figure out how to turn off the verification! Thanks again!

My Account: [REDACTED]


Please verify that the verification email wasn’t caught in your spam folder or filters. If you are still unable to locate the email, here are some suggestions:

  1. Check with your email provider to make sure they haven’t blacklisted Epic Games as a spam service.
  2. If you have a Facebook or Google+ account, we can disable 2FA for 24 hours so you can login using one of those methods. Once you have done this, you shouldn’t have any other issues once 2FA is enabled.
  3. Provide a different email address (something common like Gmail) and we can change your account settings to use that email address instead.

If you have questions, or you choose either #2 or #3, please create a support case at the site below and we can continue to assist you.


make no sense. i meet the same problem." I can’t receive the verification email

",my email “” can’t receive any mails from epic. i’m pretty sure,all settings are correct!

I had a similar problem recently where it logged me out of my native device, and I was unable to log in because the verification email didn’t come. Then it showed up a few hours later but by then it was useless. Trying it again it worked, but there’s definitely an issue with those emails being sent in a promptly manner.

I’m not receiving an email

on one account im receiving emails but on the other (even after checking my spam) I am not getting the email I tried changing my email but that wont work because you need a verification code for that too which im not getting

I’m experiencing the same problem. I’d just like to change my email on the account. This is not rocket science. What is the problem?

I am having the same issue. I cannot receive emails to my registered address. I cannot email support from the registered address as I cannot get a reply. I cannot change the email on the account as I cannot receive the validation code to change emails.

I am trying to access my invoices and receipts from UE marketplace and change the email however this seems impossible.