Help! I cannot connect two elements!

All in the screens



If you have created a variable in your blueprint for the widget you created in the event: create widget you will not be able to pull this node to bind, you can try to create a separate variable for the widget reference and pull a node from the previous variable to the next, if it does not work try the other way round.

Try casting the widget and pulling the back knot from it to the variable and binds it to the bind event

Thanks, but it doesnt work.
Or maybe i didn’t understood?
Could you make a screen to showing to me what your telling to me?

Like that?

I’m making a graph to show you, for a moment …

I do not use dispatch event to call events in a widget created for a specific player, I created a custom event inside the blueprint widget and called it in another blueprint when I press the enter key it creates the widget, refers to that widget and calls it event only from him.
watch my video:

I’m uploading the video from my sample project to show you how I did …