Help! - HUD Bar Regen!

So I have a mechanic in my game I am creating for halloween which is simply a dodge mechanic with a cooldown but I need to display the cooldown/recharge on a progress bar on the HUD. For example the dodge will be full until the corresponding button is pressed and over 5-10 seconds it will recharge ready to be used again

The way I have started to do this is with the widget blueprint functionality and I have hit a dead end in what to do next as I am a complete beginner.

Any ideas?

Well, the easiest way is going to be to replace whatever delay/timer you have for the cooldown with a Timeline. The timeline is triggered when you want to start the timer, and the Finish pin does whatever the end of the timer/delay does (set a bool or open a gate or what have you). Then you can use a float track and the update pin to set a float var with its value, which should be a curve from 0 to 1.

The HUD should be looking at this variable to gauge the timeline PROGRESS, which can set the fill bar.

Thank you, think I understand what you mean!

It is a delay I am using you are correct!

I will give it a shot when I am back at my PC :slight_smile: