Help howto; Glue multiple Animated skeletal meshes onto one single skeletal mesh body?

I have been searching for some days now but need some step by step setup help!

What i need to know; How to animate one main skeletal mesh. But - This single Mesh on which many other individual skeletal meshes have been glued? These other glued meshes which are al animated on their own? In the end i want to create an matinee movement track in which i animate the main skeletal mesh where all the glued pieces follow the main body.

An Example:
You have animated this ‘‘cube’’ in Autodesk Maya. Onto this ‘‘cube’’ you glue a tree with moving leaves. On the ‘‘cube’’ you also glue a character mesh with walk animations embedded… In UE4 you animate the ‘‘Cube’’ on a single movement track, the glued animated meshes are following the cube his animated path, react on it’s behaviour.

I animate skeletal Meshes within Maya but don’t know how to glue and prepare the above for in UE4, creating more complex moving entities. Hopefully someone can help me where to start in Maya, and setup in UE4?

Thank you in advantage…