Help - How would you convey changing seasons in the environment?

Hi, so for our game project we would like to mimic the changing seasons in our environment, Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. So how would you approach the blueprints for this? Let’s say the colors of the leaves on the trees, maybe even the texture painted on the heightmap. What would you do about snow on the ground? Is there way to do it with painted on assets as well? We Just need some kind of direction with how to approach this, without having to do different duplicate maps for each season. Our game is not hyper realistic so it doesn’t have to be perfect. Is there a way to set it up to tell the program to use a different material for an asset mid game.

Thanks for your time.


Dynamic snow material: Tessellated snow material - Unreal 4 - YouTube

I could achieve this effect with material parameter collections to drive the world materials via blueprints. So that it can dynamically change the seasons in the runtime. not just spring to fall. but also other 2 seasons as well. it can reduce the amount of leaves as well and cover the leaves and the ground with snow.
I have created a tutorial to show how to do this.
This is the link to the tutorial o Autumn/fall. there are few other tutorials in the same series which covers other seasons as well. you can find them in the playlist
autumn :
winter :
all 4 seasons together :