[help] how to snap the pivot to a specific vertex?

i searched everwhere on google but the answer of pressing alt+v+middle mouse button doesnt work. it can move the manipulator but it doesnt snap at all. how can i get this to work?

dang… no one knows. really?

I think you aren’t getting a reply because you didn’t state which 3D package you are working with.

ue4 engine version 4.10.4

Just wondering, but can anyone tell me if it is impossible or if it is possible? Am I in the wrong sub-forums, and if so, can someone point me to the right direction?

I think rama has a plugin for this

You can’t do that inside the editor without a third party tool. mBrock is right, a guy named Rama has made such a tool, you can find it HERE , as well as integration instructions.