[HELP]How to put a mini-game through a screen in the game?


I’m trying to make an arcade room like this:


I have make my arcade room in one level, and a mini-game in an another level,
and I want to put the mini-game in the screen of an arcade.
But I don’t know how to make that, and I have search on internet for some solution, but I find nothing.

So if someone know something about it, please tell me how to make that.


One approach to this are UMG 3D widgets.


Yes, but this is for interact with a widget, after that it will open the world where there will be my mini-game,
But for my case, the mini-game must be directly controlled in the first level with a view of it.

I can try to put the mini-game in the 3D widget, but I don’t know how. XD

Exactly. You use the UMG like an engine within the engine with a widget as canvas.

you could use a rendertexture for the minigames. And then run the games in some black room outside the map. The only problem i would see is the performance. So you should turn the screens off if they are not in use. Or replace them with a GIF

That’s how I would do it (flipbook instead of GIF). You’ll want to implement the game with Paper2D or something in your blackbox somewhere in the world, not using UMG / Widgets to make a classic arcade game :slight_smile:

Also by going through a render texture, you could apply post processes to make it look it more like a CRT.

Ok, but I don’t find how to put/rtepresent the mini-game (make with Paper2D or not) on a screen, and after play on it with a character like the game of “DIGITAL CYBERCHERRYES”.

I specify that I know how making mini-games, but I don’t know how to represent it on a separate screen like a arcade screen ingame.

Since this thread was googles first suggestion, I think I just drop my suggestion here for your last question( even though it’s now nearly a year ago):
You build your game somewhere in your world so it is not accessable without glitching/cheating/etc…
Build an arcade/playscreen in your accessable area
By interacting with it, make your player possess the minigame-character
and for represantation look at e.g. this tutorial: Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - Basic Camera Feed - YouTube to make your game playable on an ingamescreen
(in short → taking a camerafeed from within the minigame and using it as a texture on your arcade-/playscreen)
what you should keep in mind are the cameras you’re using, so the player still stays with it in front of the screen and don’t use one in your minigame
(by possessing the minigamecharacter maybe let him possess a camera infront of the screen, so he’s still there but doesn’t have to think about it before interacting to have the best view)
Yeah, hope you( or someone else searching for this) gets what I mean and it helped ^^


Hi everyone, there’s this plugin and it’s really impressive!