[HELP!] How to make widget layout fit all android screens???

The title is pretty self explanatory, how do I make the widget layout/menu screen fit perfectly on all android screens. The phone i use to develop my android app is on the s6 edge plus so the widget menu screens fit for my phone. But when i download it on my dad’s galaxy note 2 the screen enlarges and looks messed up. The below pics tell you what I mean.

Galaxy s6 edge plus (Normal)

Galaxy note 2 (Messed up)

My Widget screen settings

I don’t understand. This can run it on all android platforms but it won’t fit the screens. How do i make it fit all screens in all androids? How do other android devs on UE4 do it? Any help would be appreciated!

In all platforms this has recently become quite a challenge (supporting display’s with very large, and small resolutions), all while making them look consistent.

In Unreal Engine it is handled through DPI Scaling DPI Scaling | Unreal Engine Documentation . This makes it so very high resolution screens (such as 4k screen in Sony Xperia Z5 Premium) and very low resolution screens (720P screen of galaxy s3 can all be supported) independent of resolution and have a consistent experience for all your devices.

Ya I figured out DPI scaling is what you need to do however looking through the tutorial its VERY complicated and impossible for me to figure out. The doc tutorial is very limited in detail on figuring out DPI. Is there no video tutorial?

Hi Spookey0188,

It isn’t too complicated; the graph is setting the application scale based on the device resolution. You lay out the UI for scale of 1.0 and the position/size are adjusted by the actual device’s resolution. If you are looking for a good example, take a look at the Unreal Match3 sample. It uses the DPI curve.

Ok i understand now