[Help!] How to make the spawn rate increase over time?

As you can see from the BPs that i have one actor #1 that spawns the other actor every certain seconds imputed in the timer as you can see in the first image. The second actor #2 that gets spawned just increases the growth of the mesh that’s assigned. What i’m trying to accomplish is how can make it so that once a certain time is reached (For ex: 1 min) the spawn rate will increase or double. Once the set time limit is reached again i’ll double or increase even more through the game so on and so forth. I understand that you have to put that visual script in the first Actor#1 BP because that’s what controls actor #2 as you can see in the images. But i can’t figure out how to make the spawning increase through a set time limit. Can anyone provide a blueprint for this solution. Thanks for the Help!

Actor # 1 (The Spawner

Actor # 2 (The Actor being spawned in game)

You had another thread just like this that I was helping you on, what happened to that thread? I gave you a solution that I know would’ve worked.

Sorry i replied back to you that i assumed you just ignored. I’m sure your solution would’ve worked, but i’m not the best in BPs and i replied if you can be more elaborate or explain more detailed about your solution because i tried it out a still cant seem to make it work probably because i couldn’t understand what you said sorry :frowning: . You didn’t reply back and no one else was replying to my thread so i just deleted it.

The blueprint should look something like this:


O ok Thanks for the help!

So is it gonna be like this where the first timer starts the spawning with the given time variable and then goes to the next timer and executes the custom event where it will double the spawn time. Because this doesn’t work i don’t see any speed increasing.


As long as looping timer’s allow dynamic times, that should theoretically be working. You should do ‘Watch this Value’ for the time, and confirm that the value is not changing.