[HELP] How to create an UMG menu using focus to select with controller?


I’m creating an UMG menu using the default focus present in UMG. I want to use as input device an XBox controller and I’d like to keep the analog sticks for navigation while using the D-Pad for the menu.
The problem is that Unreal has as default both of them controlling the menu and I can’t find a way to customize these settings.

Does anyone know how to help me? I need this feature for a project, so any help will be really appreciated.

Thanks to everyone and to this wonderful community :o ,


Is that because of your default binding that says WASD is the same as your left stick? You can change your bindings in the menu EDIT > Project Settings > Input.

Or you can be explicit and tell Unreal to use a specific key, like ‘S’, instead of using a binding.