Help! how to change the textures resolution

Hello everyone, first of all I ask apologize because my english is rusty.
I’m facing a problem with graphics settings.
I created a simple settings menu but not working properly in some aspects, when I change and apply the textures quality nothing happens, the textures continues the same with nothing kind of down scaling. How I make the textures change it resolution like other games?

Like Pubg for example.

Hey @anonymous_user_6e937236!

Would you mind sharing your blueprints/code that you are using to change the texture quality? In the meantime, check out this great Non-Epic affiliated video that may contain the solution you are looking for:

Any additional information you can provide will be a big help in solving your problem!

Thank you to answer my topic. :handshake:
Here is my blueprint

The shadow settings works but the texture settings not, I can’t see any texture difference in the game.
I should to reduce the resolution texture by myself to make a settings system like pubg?

Hey @anonymous_user_6e937236,

If you are looking for less level of detail, you can try adjusting your LODs, but that would drastically affects how your meshes look.

Instead, it looks like that PUBG, I am assuming this is the mobile version, swaps out the textures themselves to keep as much definition as possible. If you want to be right on top of something and notice a difference this seems to be the option you’d want as well.

I hope the above points you in the direction you are looking for!

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I’m working on a mobile project, my project needs to have a great optimization for low end devices and a good visual to average devices, LODs and textures settings will help me to do that. But I have no idea to how I’m going to change the textures in game by myself. :cry:

Hey @anonymous_user_6e937236!

If you are going for something exactly like PUBG with no wiggle room, adjust your LODs so that your meshes become even more simple (like with the tower and trees), and use textures that can be scaled down more easily/more simple/smaller textures than you care currently using. Optimizing Mipmaps and LODs will be your best bet for mobile optimization. Here are some great non Epic guides for optimization:

5 Tips to Optimize Environments in Unreal Engine 4

UE4 - Texture Optimizations

I hope the above solution works for you!


Wow I got it! :star_struck:
Is that mipmap level that I was looking for.
Thank you so much! You helped me a lot. :handshake:

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