Help! How to blueprint teams & turn based gameplay?

Hi, I am trying to make a chess game completely in Blueprints. So far, I have created the chessboard and chess pieces and they are able to move around.

I stuck on trying to figure out how to set up a turn-based system so, after one move it becomes the opponents turn and vice versa.

Also, how would one approach making teams for the pieces so the opponent can’t select mine and I cant select his pieces.

& how would one go about to limit the movements of each pieces type. For example the king only being able to move one space, but in every direction, and the queen in any direction as long as it’s path is not obstructed.

Thanks for taking a read and thank you ahead of time if you manage to help me out. :smiley:

This is actually several questions that require some in depth explanation.:

It would also help to look at some easier to read code, and see how others have approached it:

Thanks for the help The Britain, but it’s not exactly what I am looking for. It does hold some useful information, but I’m having trouble still.

I am trying to work on the turn based system for the chess game right now, but I’m not sure how to approach it since I’ve never made a turn based game.
How would you approach this for a chess game?

How could I make this game a two player game? Keep in mind this chess game is for the mobile platform and I have no experience in networking.