[Help] How do I remove materials at the start of a raft instead of the end?

Hello Survivors,
The topic pretty much sums it up … I need to have the crafting materials removed from inventory when craft is pressed not when crafting is finished. I have some crafts that take a very long time to complete and people are tempted to remove items which aborts the current operation. I’m sure I am missing an option somewhere. Any help would be great.

This might be a tough one as the items being removed from the inventory is a scripted event. You might be able to override this through blueprinting (a graph) but I’m not sure if that is possible.

Darn sounds more in-depth than I really want to get right now. I have tons of other work to do on the mod. I just seemed the materials were removed immediately on default items, but I guess it is just there very short craft times. Thanks for your response.