HELP How can I specify execution order?

I have 2 blueprints and a camera spawned into the viewport.


The Player moves, and the camera is a child of Player so is following him.
Then Background “positions” according to the Camera position.

The problem is I want the Player to execute BEFORE the Background blueprint so the Blueprints positions according the new camera position (if the Player moves).
I found some people pointing to “SetTickGroup” but all about that relates to C++ which I’m staying away until I fully dominate blueprints.

Please help!!! this is stoping the development of my game.



What if you used custom events, and then had a master tick on your game mode or something? In this way, you would control the tick pattern.

Custom events are made inside a Blueprint aren’t they?
As far as I understand, the idea is to make Blueprints for each type of object you want to spawn into your Level,

I found an easier solution, based on an statement that I had a hard time finding:
Order of execution is defined by the order you spawn the elements into your Viewport/Level


Right, so your first blueprint would Tick, execute its logic, then call a custom event on your second blueprint which would then execute all its logic, then call a custom event on the third and so on.

This is what I do to ensure On Begin Play execution order.

Jared, in the end I did as you said, thanks!!

Just to document that my approach is no longer correct as of version 4.9.0.

There is a better alternative using Prerequisite Tick Actor in Blurprints.