[HELP] How can I prevent UE4 from taking away the "blockiness" on imported PNG:s?

I have created my own low resolution PNG that I would like to import to UE4 as a texture. The problem is that the texture automatically becomes messed up in both colors and visuals. The color problem I have resolved by turning off sRGD and setting Compression Settings to “TC Editor Icon” in the texture-editor (…is this a valid solution?). However the texture has still lost its “blockiness”, which is unfortunate since i’m building a pixelart-game.

How can I prevent UE4 from taking away the “blockiness”/clear square pixels?

Any help is appreciated! :slight_smile:

Ok, I fixed my problem by in the texture-editor press “Open Selection in Property Matrix”. After that going in the Details menu to the right and pressing the “Texture” dropdown. The I choose the “Filter” option and set it to “Nearest”.
…Hopefully I will not get any errors later on.