(HELP) How can i GET a variable from the 'open level blueprint'

hi guys need your help ASAP :slight_smile: ty

So I’m trying to stop a blueprint when my character (spectator pawn) enters a trigger box. The trigger box is created within the open level blueprint.

I’ve been told to create a Boolean which i have done within the open level blueprint. It has a default value of TRUE when the character is in the trigger box.

Within a blueprint i have created there is a rotating movement component i wish to stop.
So i tried to stop the execution of the blueprint by branching IF the Boolean is FALSE

(so when the character is not in the trigger box the blueprint will run as usual)

However i cannot GET the Boolean from the open level blueprint.

Any ideas how i can GET this value from the open level blueprint :?

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OK. So i have created the Boolean in my game mode blueprint and set it to TRUE. I have then casted to the game mode as you have and I’ve continued the (branch IF Boolean FALSE) and it does not work, in fact it increase the RM for some reason. :frowning:

sorry if I’m being stupid i am le noob

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From my experience, you can’t. If possible, try to store the variable in the game mode blueprint instead, then call from that blueprint. An example is what I used to track how many bullets have been fired in a bullet hell game.


If you call this from your blueprint it should work? (BulletHell is just the name of my game mode)
In your case you should get a boolean instead of an integer, but it’s basically the same thing.

There are two ways to fix this I can see and think of. First, the unoptimized version, which seems to the be one closest to your solution: For the game mode blueprint, you need an event that starts it. Add a “Begin play” node and connect that to your “set boolean” node. (This will fix that, but looking at your project in detail I’m seeing you may not want to use a custom bool at all)

Then on the actor blueprint you need an event that will start it the cast. This is gonna be the part that’s super unoptimized, but pick “Every tick”. It should work, but I’m gonna give you a better solution soon.

Look for an event node named “overlap” and attach that to the start of your actor blueprint. From the “other actor” target, drag it out and find your player. Cast to your player and it should work. (It may do the opposite of what you want, but you should find out how to reverse the result if necessary.) What this does it it only triggers the script when you overlap your player with the box.


thank you very for your help, I’m gonna give it a go now and ill let you known how it goes. If you want to look at my project i do not mind sending it if you’d like if that helps.


If it doesn’t work, it’d be great if you could upload the project file. Preferrably via dropbox or google drive.

Thats no problem i’m uploading it now :slight_smile:
However it might take a while :confused:




Do you have somewhere I can contact for you faster messaging? I’m having a bit of trouble figuring out where the thing you need help with is. I’m assuming it’s in the “REAL_PROJECT” level?

Sorry I forgot to mention it is ‘REAL_PROJECT’
And my email is taylorthreader@gmail.com

Yes sorry, I forgot to mention it is the REAL_PROJECT.
Email: Taylorthreader@gmail.com

and it is the RM Jupiter, open level blue print and the game mode blueprint you will need to look at