Help. How can i change a dino so it can be carried?

Im Trying to make other dinos carriable, but i cant for the life of me find it in any blueprints or BP files.

To change a dino’s ability to be carried (I’m assuming you mean by a bird) you need to edit their “weight value”. My dev kit is closed right now so I can’t confirm the exact field name, but weight is in there. It is located in the character_BP of the dino’s you want to change.

Nope that does not work, did that. even changed the weight to “0” on it and still not working

Dont know, prob you’re doing something wrong
Are you the one asking about making Saber to be carry-able last time?
Already told you how you need to modify your saber (or your argent) - 100% sure it works as i was testing it on my mod as well

Yeah i just saw that the other post was still there :stuck_out_tongue: my misstake :slight_smile: I will try changing it now :slight_smile: Just got so hung up in the new mod (making structures able to place even tho they are obscured) and not figuring that out :frowning: