Help Help :( BP Trajectory prediction


Someone can tell me how I get the Trajectory prediction in BP

If possible can you help me with a small example


Can’t help you with blueprint. But the basic theory that could make it work.
If using a full physics simulation it’s going to be hard (the variables are to many to calculate without doing the calculation and small changes often have big results)
One way is to create a actor, with a physics volume that have the same parameters as the object in question, but a more transperent look, a time to live, and spawn it from the point of your sphere, in the current direction you are aiming with the current force you are planing, this would then travel the same path as your object would. You could do a line trace as well, you could probably use some math to calculate reflection based on the normal, the problem with this one is that the line doesn’t have volume and doesn’t follow the rules of the physics engine in unreal and thus, the line could point one way, but due to your objects shape, weight it could travel a diffrent path or bounce differently.

I hope this gives some insight into the problem at hand.