[HELP] Having problems when I try to package my project

I am kinda new so for sure missed something stupid, but i’m stuck right now.
Everytime i try to package my project i find this error at the very end of the process…

Before it was working fine but after a couple of changes (i just put an “exit” button in the main menu, the gameover screen and in the widget when you win, and changed the font of the text in all of them) it started to give me this problem.
I already tried to play with the packaging options in Project Settings but nothing has changed.
I’m using the 4.23.1 if it can help.

As I said before i am not an expert in Unreal and packaging is one of those things that i still have to learn more about, so if someone could be my hero and not only help me fix this error but also tell me why it’s happening it would be really appreciated.